Interview with Architects

So give us your names and what you do for the band.
Sam Carter: I’m Sam and I sing.
Tom Searle: Tom and I play guitar.

Are there any significant differences between playing here and over where you guys are from [Europe]?

Sam: We have fans in the UK. And I guess we’ve been touring in the UK for so long that we’ve kind of built up a solid fan base, whereas out here, we’re starting again.

Who or what are your main inspirations for your music?

Tom: Just. Dunno. It’s fun to play music and that?

Any other bands or anything like that?

Tom: Well, I suppose there is bands, but it’s kind of…it changes all the time. So it’s difficult to say.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

Sam: Uhh. I dunno. It’s kinda hard, cause I wouldn’t like to pigeon hole us in any sort of genre, but I guess we’d mix a couple of different sounds.

Tom: A lot of people have been describing it as “metal core” but that sounds really boring.

Sam: I guess it’s kind of metal and hardcore mixed together, but not metal core.

Tom: It’s…Nope. There’s no other combination you can say for that.

So far on this tour, which crowd has been the best for you guys?

Tom: Salt Lake City.

Sam: Salt Lake City, yeah.

Tom: That was good. Uh. Baltimore was good yesterday as well.

Sam: Atlanta.

Tom: Atlanta was good.
You’ll probably have a good crowd today, too.

Tom: I hope so. The venue is fucking massive.

Have there been any pranks between bands or band members yet?

Tom: Yeah, yesterday. No. Yeah, it was yesterday. Oh, Sleeper have on their kick drums this logo for their new record, which is like a pentagram with two of the spikes missing off it. So Tim [Hillier-Brook] taped the two missing spikes to make it a full pentagram. Which they took very well, to be fair.

If you could take credit for any song every written, which would it be and why?

Tom: Sam? He’s thinking. He’s trying to decide which Blink-182 song to say.
Or any band in general.

Tom: Almost anything by Coldplay. “The Scientist.” I’ll go with “The Scientist.” I love that song

Sam: I’ll say “Jesus Christ” by Brand New. It’s a great song.

Is there any guilty pleasure music while on tour?

Sam: Lady Gaga.

Tom: All of him.

Sam: Just a lot of pop music. We like our pop music. Or I like my pop music.

What decade or century would you like to be stuck in?

Tom: This one’s cool.

Sam: This one’s alright.

Tom: This one’s fine. We’ve got cars and shit in this one. Don’t have to walk as much.

What is the best part about being out on tour over here?

Tom: Chipotle…

Sam: Sleeping.

Tom: We do a lot of sleeping…in the van. Is that a good thing?

Sam: I dunno, sometimes.

Tom: Then again, we do just as much sleeping when tour everywhere else in the world. So that’s a really stupid answer. Just Chipotle.

Sam: Yeah, Chipotle.

Tom: That’s it. That’s the best thing about America.

If you could be any cartoon character, superhero or not, which would it be?

Sam: Iron Man.

Kent [manager]: That’s not a cartoon, is it?

Sam: Yeah. Started as one.

Kent: Did it?

Sam: Yep.

Tom: Uh. I dunno.

Sam: Spiderman.

Tom: Spiderman, yeah, okay. Superman! He does all of it, doesn’t he? Superman.

So I have two fan questions.

Tom: Say, where did you find these fans?
I actually found people who commented your page and sent them messages and asked them. I only got two messages back.

Tom: Never mind, haha.

Johan from Chichester wants to know how you [Sam] growl and scream. Was it something you practiced or did it just sort of come to you?

Sam: I dunno how it happened. It just happened.

Tom: Well that’s some real insight.

Sam: I dunno, I think with screaming and stuff it’s like, you cannot overdo it. You can’t really teach anyone how to do it. You know what I mean? I don’t even really know how I even started doing it. But I guess it just happens.

Matthew [Bring Me The Horizon]: I love you Tom.

Sam: It’s something that’s completely like unnatural, you know? You shouldn’t do that with your voice. You shouldn’t shout, if you know what I mean. I guess, just free trial and error.

Briana from New York wants to know what it was like doing guest vocals on Bring Me The Horizon’s song, The Sadness Will Never End and how did that come about?

Sam: I was talking to…We were all friends with them anyway and Oli had kind of said he wanted me to sing on the record and it just kind of happened. We were just talking to him one day and it came up and I went out and did it.
*Jona from BMTH then mooned us, so I missed what Sam said after.*

Would you rather. Be four foot one or seven foot nine?

Sam: Four foot one.

Tom: Four foot one. Buy stilettos. Can’t cut your legs off, though if you were seven foot nine.
*Matthew from BMTH threw a box towards us, so again, I missed what Sam said, haha.*

Be blind or deaf?

Tom: Blind or deaf? Fuck me. This is nice, isn’t it? Uhm. Deaf, I guess.

Sam: I say blind.

Tom: You’d rather be blind?! That would be, that would be shit.

Sam: Yeah, but you couldn’t hear anything.

Tom: What, if you’re deaf? No. I suppose you couldn’t. [Add a heavy accent and lots of sarcasm to that]

Sam: Stevie Wonder did alright, didn’t he?

Tom: Yeah, I guess so.

Be gossiped about or never talked about at all?

Sam: Never talked about at all.

Tom: Used to that one.

Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?

Tom: What’s bionic hearing?
Kent: It’s like robot ears.

Tom: Oh, I dunno. X-ray vision would probably be pretty cool.

Sam: Yeah.

Tom: Get to look at tits in there!

Sam: Oh God, haha.

So that’s it, thanks guys!

Sam: No problem!