Featured: View From An Airplane

For those of you who have been missing the likes of Simple Plan and Yellowcard and still have your non-waterproof eyeliner blackening the bags under your eyes after Copeland’s breakup, a new band is flying into the horizon.

View From an Airplane is a trio from Boston that brings back the good ol’ pop-rock we seem to have left back in the year 2005, lying on the side of the road for a rattlesnake to curl up and shed inside. Debuting back in November of last year with their EP, All the Right Words, the band is just starting out and still growing a MySpace following. Playing shows in the northeast and even getting their EP to hit select Hot Topics in New England, these guys have slowly and steadily gained a foothold in the scene the old fashioned way. Their music is featured on iTunes and View From an Airplane t-shirts are available online.

The songs are those sweet, written-for-a-girl kind, yet VFAA definitely still has it’s own sound. Currentsex/Lovenoises (mad props for the JT homage) is an older EP quite suitable, as its cover may tell you, as company on a rainy day, and All the Right Words has all the right sounds for a more upbeat throwback into Simple Plan-esque days without the whiny sentiment. VFAA’s EPs are still cheap, so get ahold of them before these guys sell out and up their prices to the standard Wal-Mart/Hot Topic/Best Buy CD price tags. It certainly looks like a possibility.